Friday, August 29, 2008

Texas Hold'em - APT Tournament Macau

I am in Macau this week and I have spent the past week at the APT Texas Hold'em Tournament. APT is the "Asian Poker Tour" and was held at the Galaxy Casino here in Macau. It featured players from Asia and around the world. Purse is 1.5 million US dollars.

Did okay, played a freeroll and won a free satellite entry into the main event. Played in the satellite entry and got knocked out after about 1-1/2 hours of play, not great but not too bad. I could have bought into the main event but the buy-in was $5300 US Dollars...too rich for my blood and I don't think I am anywhere good enough to sink that kind of money in to play against pros.

Speaking of pros, I got to meet Doyle Brunson. He was at the tournament and had a book signing. They were giving away free books and posters. I got 2 of his books and a poster...the books were signed by him. Nice man, very soft spoken and unpretentious.

Still in Macau and will be here through the weekend. Playing a few cash games at the poker room in the Grand Lisboa and so far am up about $6000 HK dollars (about $900 US).

Not sure if anybody is still reading this blog so I guess I am blogging for myself so I can remember this has truly been fun!