Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Do the Chinese Eat Dogs?

One thing that I am constantly asked by my friends in America or by our customers who I have the pleasure of entertaining is "Do the Chinese really eat dogs"?

As I have said in the past the Guangdong (Cantonese) Chinese are known for eating anything that flies but planes, anything in the water but boats and anything on the ground but trains and cars.

On this blog I have supplied pictures of my Chinese colleagues eating bugs and eating snakes. I have explained why there are so few cats in China. I haven given many examples of the dietary preferences of the Chinese. I have dispelled the rumors about "rice at every meal". I have introduced you to a wonderful, stinky fruit that is like eating banana pudding while on the commode. But I could not give you a definite answer concerning the "dog question". The evidence was lacking - until now.

I now offer to you convincing proof that the Chinese do in fact eat dogs and apparently they learn to enjoy them at a very early age.


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Monday, May 15, 2006

My Worst Nightmare

For almost 7 months I have dreaded the prospect of this - having to use a Chinese “hole in the floor toilet”. I have always made sure that I was not experiencing any intestinal discomfort or else I was in close proximity to my safety-zone of western-style commodes: my apartment, work, 5 star hotels, etc. in the event that I got in one of those “situations”.

But this weekend, a little too far from my safety-zones and a little bit too much spicy Sichuan food, my worst nightmare finally came true — I had to use a Chinese “hole in the floor” toilet. I won’t go into the “graphic” details but I had one of those occasions where “nature called” (actually demanded is a better word) and a good-old, western-style, sit-down commode was not within trotting distance.

Having never been trained in the fine art of “squatting” this proved to be a real comedy-of-errors. Also being short, middle-aged and overweight didn’t help either.

Fortunately, I did not end up flat on my rear-end on the floor, but other parts of the activity could certainly have landed a spot on “China’s Funniest Home Videos”. Also fortunate was that I have adopted the Chinese practice of taking a pack of tissues everywhere I go. I never understood this practice when I first came here. Most of the times these are needed at the Chinese restaurants because if they provide napkins they charge you for them. Now I FULLY understand why tissues are an everyday essential part of life in China.

So, if you plan on visiting Asia, or even some European countries, I suggest some deep-knee bend and squatting exercises before you arrive and don’t forget to buy several packs of tissues. You and the paper manufacturers in China will be glad you did!

Saturday, May 06, 2006


...to the greatest son a man could ever have.


In a few short hours my son Simeon will be graduating from college. He is graduating with highest academic honors from Georgia Tech and I am so very, very proud of him. I am also so very, very sad and ashamed that I will not be there to share in this event.

He has made his mother and me very proud. He is honest, sincere and an all around great person. I'm sorry but you will have to excuse my bragging. He has never caused us any problems and we have been truly blessed by God for giving us such a wonderful son.

Thank you God for watching over him the past 4 years and please continue to bless him and hold him safely in your hand.

Simeon, I love you son and I wish I were there. Congratulations for finishing this next step in your journey! Thank you for making us so very, very proud of you.