Friday, February 04, 2005

Country Cookin'
Chinese Cooking

Where's the rice?So where is the rice? Everyone that I know seems to think that rice is served with EVERY Chinese meal. But guess what? NOT SO!

Check out this interesting "grain" plate served at just about every meal that I have eaten in China. Corn, hominy, green peas and nuts, but NO rice was served with any of the meals. Strange how we think we know something and then end up finding out how wrong we are. By the way, if you don't know what hominy is...well ask anybody that grew up in rural Georgia. They can tell you. (Hint: Grits are made from hominy, hominy is made from corn.)

Hot potMore country cookin for you! This is called a "hot pot". This is brought to your table with raw vegetables and meat such as mutton or beef. Basically, this is like a Chinese "fondue" where you sit at the table and cook your own food. But the interesting thing for now is what is in THIS pot. It is TURNIP tops and TURNIP roots. Just like home!

BBQ RibsBut what about Bar-B-Que? Strange as it may look this is a picture of bar-b-que ribs. Each rib is wrapped in a special plastic cooking wrapper to hold in the bar-b-que sauce. Cooking the ribs this way also makes the ribs very tender. A bit of a pain in the neck to eat, but extremely delicious!

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