Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Happy International Women's Day!

Today was Women's Day in China and some other parts of the world.  What better way to celebrate than to eat some Hunan food at Zhuhai's biggest and best Hunan restaurant! This is the main floor of Huo Gong Dian the largest and the best Hunan restaurant in Zhuhai.  This is HALF of the main dining room and there are 6 more floors in addition to this one.


Roasted and stewed pork shank in Hunan mushroom and pepper broth.


Fish head in peppers.


Silk potatoes...finely sliced potatoes...kinda like hash browns but boiled not fried.


And no Hunan restaurant would be complete without the obligatory statue of the most famous person from Hunan province - Chairman Mao.  Who once said "Women hold up one half the sky."  


Happy Women's Day from China!

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