Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Do the Chinese Eat Dogs?

One thing that I am constantly asked by my friends in America or by our customers who I have the pleasure of entertaining is "Do the Chinese really eat dogs"?

As I have said in the past the Guangdong (Cantonese) Chinese are known for eating anything that flies but planes, anything in the water but boats and anything on the ground but trains and cars.

On this blog I have supplied pictures of my Chinese colleagues eating bugs and eating snakes. I have explained why there are so few cats in China. I haven given many examples of the dietary preferences of the Chinese. I have dispelled the rumors about "rice at every meal". I have introduced you to a wonderful, stinky fruit that is like eating banana pudding while on the commode. But I could not give you a definite answer concerning the "dog question". The evidence was lacking - until now.

I now offer to you convincing proof that the Chinese do in fact eat dogs and apparently they learn to enjoy them at a very early age.


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Jenn of the Jungle said...

That was really funny. Thanks.

Sara said...

Thanks for this super interesting blog. I enjoy reading your style of writing. My Aunt and Uncle are going over to China long-term soon, so I will read here to get an idea of what they'll experience.

Best wishes,

Veronica said...

Ha ha.
How cute.

kat said...

very cute picture - but i try not to think about dogs being eaten. gives me the shivers.

am from Macau, BTW, bloghopping on blogexplosion ;)